"Morning Commute" illustrates why there’s no beter place in the world to be at 7 AM than Amboseli's dry lake. Amboseli is the best canvas in the world to work on and this composition shows why: an elephant family marching through the dusty plains with Kilimanjaro as a backdrop... It’s rather simple, yet surreal due to the magnificence of these animals.

This is emphatically demonstrated by this image. When this herd crossed the dry lands of Amboseli I knew this was a special moment. The use of space to create a distinct sense of vastness near these magnificent animals is typical for this remote place.Elephants have an amazing memory and they're up to live to 60 to 70 years. They're socially much more connected than even humans are these days. “Morning Commute” illustrates this powerfull unity.

Though the Serengeti and Mara are magnificent, Amboseli consists of just flat and raw terrain without any distracting backdrops. This elemental starkness suits my clean style of photography.

Jochen van Dijk
Amboseli, Kenya