Science says it: your brain pushes into new neural pathways when going outside your comfort zone. Quite literally, creativity creates more creativity. Though I usually capture wildlife, most of the things I apply to these images come from influences outside of the animal kingdom. Or even photography for that matter. I'm convinced it’s crucial to get perspectives outside your chosen line of work.

For this image, called "L'eau”, I had something different in mind. The goal was to replicate the sense of the so called "golden hour"; a short window of time arising just after sunrise and before sunset. At these few minutes the low rising sun creates soft lightening and beautiful long, stretched shadows. This is often used in outdoor imagery, but I wanted to use this creative thought to replicate it on a female body.


Although it's a staged shoot, it's about as real as it gets. And fundamentally different than waiting hours for that perfect sun flare or a single movement by a predator. With this kind of imagery preparation is key: it's absolutely vital to take a step back and understand the context before going to work. Naturally, the model has to feel perfectly secure. But more importantly: the stakes are high. You can't over promise and under deliver with these kind of images.

Despite the fact the stakes were high I believe this canvas resembles a great combination of personal creative expression and technique. But more importantly: it’s a image that speaks on itself. On first hand it’s evocative. You have to look harder to recognize the alluring female curves and the subtle peak of the lace lining is suggestive, instead of erotic.